Anything is Possible

Living it UP even in a down economy. The Art of Living Well begins from the Heart.

Living the 5 Star Life is about finding true wealth from inner resources, and living an authentic life.

Have you ever felt as if anything is possible? Even amidst the chaos and uncertainty of this challenging time? Even when things seem bleak, when everything seems to be breaking down and falling apart, there is a sense of freedom.

Even if you're broke, or you're jobless and the world seems to be coming apart, you can still create something masterful. I love the title of this new book, "When Everything Changes, Change Everything," by Neale Donald Walsch. I don't even need to read it, the title says it all!

Right now there are energies coming through the ethers that seem to be saying, all is possible. So get ready to experience it happening. Things have been so slow, so down-turned and depressing, yet I feel a sense of relief, up-liftment (won't go any lower for me) and excitement.

I knew something was in the airwaves, starting to happen. For example, yesterday I got two e-mails inviting me to visit far away exotic places. It was like living in a dream, was this real or Memorex? Actually, it is a result of some positive actions I took yesterday. I sent out a bunch of requests for FAM trips (as a writer, you get on lists to be invited to different places so you can write about them).

In the past, I never wrote for any decent publications with really high-regard until recently. I was the spa editor for Malibu Magazine but that is a B-player and Celeb Staff/Celeb Life, a C player as well as the LA2DAY website and But now I am affiliated with a highly reputable site and am feel as though the world is my oyster. Yet in the process of making my pearl, there are lots of agitating grains of sand that keep me busy. (Like not having $$$$ and still imagining the 5-Star Life) But even without money, I am able to live well.

That is why I am starting this new blog, The Five Star Life:Living it UP even in a Down Economy! 

Believe me when I say, I know this first hand, intimately. In fact,  I LIVE IT!

Most of my close friends are well off. But several are suffering now in this economic malaise because they have no vision. They only see the boundaries of not having enough money. Some friends are trust-fund-babies, and others are self-made. One is way beyond the confines of money and lives as if it doesn't matter. I learn a lot from her. Yet sometimes, I think I am freer because I have no attachments or encumbrances (and no trust fund, either).

Yesterday, I saw my freedom in 3D! In fact, I saw it beyond the 3rd dimension. I saw manifestation in action.

Here's how it showed up:I sent out a few e-mails to the tourism boards and received 2 last minute invitations to visit exotic locales for FREE! One was a trip to Thailand, as a guest of the Thai Tourism Authority, to write about the new biz-2-biz offerings, from health and wellness resorts to luxury spas and products. The joke is, I did this exact trip 12 years ago! It was offered to me again, with a trip to Chaing Mai and the Golden Triangle and to visit the working Elephant camps. At first I jumped on this and was already getting my stuff together for the suitcase. I actually went through the meds and personal items and realized that I was going to have to get shots, more meds etc. The truth is, I have had some health challenges lately and decided I was not up to doing this trip right now. So just because a trip of a lifetime comes my way, and it's comp'd, I don't have to go! In fact, having real freedom is knowing that this is not right for me right now and choosing not to go! That was the biggest deal. My body is not in shape for going on this last minute sojourn-so I am declining the offer.

This is a big deal. I know in my heart, (at least right now) that my freedom lies is saying NO! knowing that something else will show up and that my first priority is getting my health back and feeling strong. My second priority is launching this, my new 5 Star Life website, and third is finding a trip that is soothing, relaxing and not hectic. In addition, after reading the government health watch, don't want to deal with the swine/avian flu or whatever new strain of epidemic hysteria they are promoting right now. It is not something I want to be exposed to as well as the fact that my immune system is already compromised. In the past, I would just jump at the chance, but now I have to be mindful and in touch. I have to do what is right for me, including my body/mind/spirit. While this trip would be disasterous for me, now, maybe it will present itself again. I remember running around, having to show up at tons of events, visiting places I don't want to go, and getting jet lagged. My freedom lies in saying NO. Living it up is knowing that just because it's free and showing up for me, I have a choice!

So, now I am focused on creating my new website and generating vibrant health and radiant beauty as my priority. After all, your health is your wealth. 

For those of us who are animal lovers, I must admit I did not want to go back to those elephant work camps and see the elephants being pushed around in captivity by the diminutive workers. Are you as sensitive to this stuff? Being at the Elephant camp 12 years ago was painful and I don't want to support the whole concept. (Funny, they call it camp and I hated camp, too!) This is another blog.....for another day.

 11/2016-Update:Elephant Nature Park :There are now more conscious projects, like the one set in Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand. Established in the 1990’s our aim has always been to provide a sanctuary and rescue centre for elephants. The park is located some 60km from the city, and has provided a sanctuary for dozens of distressed elephants from all over Thailand.

Today I am planning my dream cruise, (never liked cruises, but for some reason, I'm feeling as if it may be just what the doctor ordered). Today, I am visualizing vibrant health and radiant beauty and restorative energies flowing into my body.

The key is:Letting go of all fears, financial and otherwise, and NOT watching the news. That's part of the formula for Living the 5-Star Life.

Come join me!

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