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Spa LOVERS! Top Ten Tips For Your Ultimate Spa-ing Pleasure

As a spa trends specialist with a penchant for living the 5 Star Life without limits, on any budget, I will be posting the best of the best in leading edge spas and resorts. As a boomer consumer specialist, the focus for my generation is wellness. The future of health care is SELF-CARE and the future is NOW. So getting into the habit of taking care of yourself is a priority. Visiting a healing retreat or spa, learning how to de-stress and detox from all of the toxic influences in our environment, including the genetically modified foods, the electromagnetic fields, the chem trails, and all the technological frequencies that are wearing down our immune system. In addition, doing a digital detox at the same time, unplugging from the negative news and information is 'just what the doctor ordered'. (The doctor within us all)

(Most recently, I published an article about Journey Into Wellness Week at the Beloved, Playa Mujeres, Mexico.)

According to Megatrends (1982) author,  John…

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