First Class Beauty at One of LA's Finest Resorts

Amala Beauty Skincare and Terranea Resort are the perfect combo for having a first class spa experience. If the Future of Healthcare is self-care, then now is the time to take responsibility for your own health. We all know that beauty is an inside job. If you are healthy, you radiate beauty and have a glow that is palpable. Since many of you are concerned about your feeling good from the inside-out and feeling beautiful is the goal.  The first step to a having a youthful glow is a lifestyle that includes mindfulness from the food you eat to your exercise regime, including sleep and healthful habits. Another is a conscious skincare routine.

There are so many products out there that promise to give you that ‘cover girl good looks’ and glowing complexion. Many are great at covering up the flaws. But some even help you to eliminate flaws and let your skin develop into the best it can be. I found one product that has the finest grade whole plants and therapeutic grade plant essences.  The name is Amal.a, in Sanskrit, “most pure.” In Tibetan, “revered mother.” In Spanish, “love her.” Amala has a holistic philosophy and “believe that if we love and respect the earth as we would our own mother, nature will give us everything we need to look and feel beautiful. We also believe that to create the world's most pure skincare products, we must conduct ourselves most purely.”

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If you are a green consumer and want to support a company with fair trade practices and one that uses the absolute best quality ingredients from all over the world, this is your brand. Amala sources superior high potency plant ingredients exclusively from an extensive global farm network. In sync with their expert fair trade growers, they cultivate, harvest and often distill each ingredient in its native habitat to ensure maximum potency and purity.
In addition, they use the whole plant -The whole plant is greater than the sum of its parts.
What is even more impressive is that Amala utilizes “exclusive blends of potent, organic whole plants harness nature’s plant power to naturally and beautifully transform the skin.”  It is a rare to find a natural product that is clinically tested for efficacy by a third party laboratory in Germany. This lab specializes in skincare and is head by respected dermatologists. You can find all the details on the Amala website below.

Looking and feeling your best comes from the inside out. But visiting a spa can certainly help and speed up the process. 

I had the privilege of receiving the Amala facial at one of the top rated ocean front destination resort spas in Southern California, Terranea. The views along the coastline will take your breath away! This oceanfront destination resort is surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean with Catalina Island across the channel. Visiting this place to get a spa treatment is like escaping to paradise, one hour from the big city of Los Angeles, but light years away from the stress and gridlock. If you go for a weekend or longer, it is pure bliss, but even a day at the spa will feel like you’re on vacation. The key is to forget the outside world, fully embrace the beauty of the setting and the outstanding treatments, the attention to detail and the brilliant interior design. There is one room above all else, that is a must-the upstairs lounge with the one giant picture window opening out to the ocean. It feels like you are on a giant cruise ship in a grand setting, but the room is so cozy with an open hearth fireplace and cool breeze.

You may even recognize the views from many vantage points, as the property has been the location of dozens of Hollywood films and televisions shows over the years.
Terranea Resort and Spa is one of the finest eco-friendly properties in Southern California.
The most fun eating spot is Nelson’s restaurant right on the Pacific with the best view. Nelson's is known for breathtaking view of Catalina Island, stunning coastal vistas and a peek at the coves made famous over 50 years ago by the hit television series, Sea Hunt.  Nelson's has a laid-back atmosphere and one of the locals goes there whenever she gets a craving for Sweet Potato Fries. My favorite is the outdoor fireplace and the incredible natural beauty of the coastline.

Nostalgia Buffs:
Nelson's is named after Sea Hunt's main character Mike Nelson, played by Lloyd Bridges. Occasionally you may run into his all grown up sons, the absolutely fabulous Bridges boys, Jeff and Beau, who enjoy visiting and reminiscing with vintage photos of their dad all over the place!

Sometimes when you have two extraordinary experiences in one place, you will feel the magic of luxury pampering and a magnificent setting and know that paradise exists.

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