Escape from LA! A Sizzlin' Hot Summer Deal

It’s the launch of Summer 2012 and the month of July is half over already. While everyone is complaining about the extreme heat across the country, sometimes “hot” can be a good thing. Especially when you live in Los Angeles. While everyone is headed for the beach, you can go in the opposite direction and head for the desert. According to the latest Tom Tom Traffic Congestion report, “Los Angeles is the most congested city in North America. On average, journey times there take 33 percent longer than when traffic in the city is flowing freely and 77 percent longer during evening rush hour. Rounding out the top 10 most congested cities are Vancouver, Miami, Seattle, Tampa, Fla., San Francisco, Washington, Houston, Toronto and Ottawa.”

No wonder you want to flee the maddening crowds, including the hoards of foreign tourists dashing to the US for cheap deals on everything from hotels to haute fashion brands. Shopping in the US these days is like Hong Kong in the 60‘s. Many of you are savvy to escape from LA by going against the traffic. Here’s a great escape with very few hoards to crash into: Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa in Desert Hots Springs. While everyone is running to the night life and excitement in Vegas, you can be floating in a lagoon filled with the top rated mineral springs in the world!
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In the desolate town of Desert Hot Springs, the rich and famous have retreated to a secret getaway for decades. Two Bunch Palms, a beautiful oasis, is an historical landmark setting for total relaxation, especially for Hollywood Honcho types. In fact, it was literally the clandestine hideaway for the infamous "gangsta" Al Capone. This desperado built the original stone fortress as his notorious hideout and exotic playground on a sacred Indian site. The most precious commodity, the mineral rich healing waters, is surrounded by "two bunches of palms", a.k.a Two Bunch Palms. The healing waters induce a soporific effect that calmed the nerves of the most hardened 'outlaw'. Before it was fashionable to be a modern spa, this was the most sought after place to chill out and 'do nothing' except obtain the priceless benefit of the healing waters. Everyone would flock to this steaming hot pool lagoon, in the middle of nowhere, to rejuvenate like nowhere else on earth.

Without the slick trademarks of many new imitators, the signature treatments remain exceptional, such as the rich mineral mud baths, created from the unusual green clay. This vein of green clay was found next to the artesian well on Miracle Hill, and has been tested by biochemists at NASA's Aces Research Center. The 'Hydra-Terra" qualities have been found to store energy and to catalyze reactions, helping to restore the natural skin tone and balance, absorb toxins and create a rejuvenating effect on the skin. This clay is infused with the natural spring waters, and soaked for millenniums in high heat. Subsequent tests reveal rich mineral content in the natural spring's lagoon, especially high in lithium, which has a very soothing and magical effect on the nervous system.

Ok, so it may be really, really hot in LA right now, especially in the Valley, but check the day to day forecast in Desert Hot Springs because you may be able to swing a really cool deal, last minute. FYI-On Thursday it was 88! If you’re lucky enough to snag the All Inclusive Specialty Package, you will get two nights with a 60 minute spa treatment included for $139 per night during the week!

If you don’t mind driving, the spa treatments are some of the best in the world, and worth the effort.

Forget about the fancy-schmancy hotels with fine crystal chandeliers to assuage the corporate clients, wrapped up in a fake spa atmosphere, promising to help you de-stress.
It’s two palms up for Two Bunch Palms when it comes to relaxation and shedding your suit of armor so you can have a total mind/body/spirit makeover.

Try the Watsu, a water therapy treatment in private pool that will send you into oblivion and set the tone for the rest of your stay. And don’t forget the Epicuren Facials-there are only a few spas left that use these products-the absolute best!

Here’s another unbelievable deal-

Taste Of Two Bunch

This package will be available from July 6th, 2012 – August 18th, 2012.

The package includes:

Two nights room accommodation
Four 60 minute spa treatments total per package (guests choose from a list of 27)
One 3 course dinner for two (see menu for exclusions).
Hurry up because the package is available until August 18 and the resort is closing down for a huge remodel!

Check this out-

Most of the action takes place around the Grotto, day and night. The landscape also boasts a picture perfect pond with friendly fish, ducks and turtles who will chase after you so you better buy some fish food in the office! And yes, there really are roadrunners here, so the cartoon character has come to life. (Luckily without Wile E. Coyote on the chase!) This is truly a romantic place, especially at night, with star gazing and incredible sunsets and moon risings. Forget leaving the property, there is no place better to experience nature and peace, you are privy to this incredible lush vegetation and subtle lighting. This is one of the most special places on earth. Many say it is located on an energy vortex.

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FYI-Many reality based television shows have been rediscovering the natural beauty of the resort. You may have caught a glimpse of some of the most picturesque spots on the "Bachelor" or "Average Joe", or "VH1", and even "MTV Dismissed". The most notable movie, The Player,features his exclusive Hollywood Hangout as a focal point of the film! This natural environmental treasure can be experienced by just making a reservation.

 You can contact Two Bunch Palms at 800.472.4334 and check out the website at

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