Uplift Your Spirits for the Holidays

Here's a beauty boost for your spirits:take care of yourself first!

There are so many things to do for others, buying gifts, decorating the house for family and guests, planning the menus, travel itineraries and for many of us, just being able to pay the bills.

Don’t let the harried holiday season stop you from taking care of yourself. There are many offerings out there in LA-LA land that are budget savvy. From celebrity hair and beauty experts at Sally Hershberger, to natural pure cosmetics from Oblige by Nature.

BurkeWilliams Day Spa: The oldie but goodie leader in the day spa world is still offering reasonably priced treatments. With all of the sophisticated and world class spas in the Los Angeles area, especially the chic hotels and uber luxe resorts, the competition is fierce. However, if you are on a budget and need to escape and be pampered, BW is the spot, especially if you live close to one of the five Los Angeles metro area locations.

The spa is replete with a full spectrum menu of treatments for your body, face and hands.A favorite is The Radiance Facial combines the most potent treatments utilizing top rated products such as H2V & Eminence. These concentrated products contain key ingredients that visibly help brighten pigmented and sun damaged skin. In addition, there is a comprehensive Microcurrent treatment combined with the Illuminator concentrate.  These elements work together to infuse the skin with vitamin C by increasing product delivery into the deep layers of the skin. Microcurrent also stimulates collagen production, boost skins cellular metabolism, and reduces redness and inflammation. All of this combined creates a firming and potent brightening treatment that assists with correcting sun damage and helps to lighten skin! Leaves skin with a firmer, brighter, smoother, and more youthful appearance. You will thank yourself for this wonderful pampering. Visit http:www.burkewilliamsspa.com today to book your appointment before the crowds.

Holiday Hair: Sally Hershberger Salon is known for creating the famous Hollywood looks that set the trends in hair. Two stylists are making waves in the styles for 2015.
With a background in high fashion set Marcos Trueba on the path to becoming one of the best new hair stylists in the field. After spending years with Gucci, he was exposed to master stylist, Luigi Murenu, whose work on the ad campaigns heavily inspired his aesthetic. He had the opportunity to work with other masters including the top stylists for precise cuts at Vidal Sassoon, as well as celebrity stylists, where he found his own personal style. Marcos created celebrity looks for Becky G, Tracy Anderson and Tatjana Patitz. Marcos’ signature cut combines his various mastered techniques to create a customized style for each client that will also grow out gracefully.
A natural born colorist, Jessica Gonzalez specializes in balayage and hand painting custom color. She had the opportunity to work with celebrity colorists, Cassondra Kaeding and Derek Smart. Jessica was able to expand her skill set and hone her talent of hand painting, while building her resume assisting on celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Lea Michelle and Rooney Mara. Get your holiday hair and new look for 2015 and beyond at: http://sallyhershberger.com

Natural Beauty Products: Oblige by Nature is a pure beauty product line that aligns with your clean and pure lifestyle choices, Oblige by Nature has an unrelenting passion to provide the best food grade products. Designed to nourish the skin and the body without drugs, without pollution, towards a green and healthy lifestyle. This natural beauty line covers the hair, skin and body needs without the chemicals and toxic additives. “While most average body care products found on store shelves today take advantage of the "natural" trend to trick the consumer into thinking that their product is natural or organic. It is a well known practice that consists in adding natural ingredients to a product in order to attract the consumer. There is no question that the natural ingredient or ingredients are in the product, but there is also no question that the product also contains a range of chemicals, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, colorants and fragrances which both damage and strip the moisture away from your skin, eventually drying it out.” With the demand for truth in labeling, hopefully many of the products today can align with the Oblige by Nature brand to make sure no cheap synthetic waxes, oils or more sophisticated synthetic products are used. Most of these chemically coat your skin to make it "feel soft", but in actuality these products hide the misery behind the veil. Your skin may appear good, your body will take the hit. Make a resolution to yourself to only use the purest products for your precious skin. You can order these products online today: www.naprodis.com/manufacturer/oblige-by-nature

Don’t get caught in the holiday mad rush without taking care of yourself first!

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