2015 Awards Season:Get Ready for Gorgeous Hair

Here in the heart of Hollywood, everyone is getting in the groove for the awards season. Celebrities were months ahead of the game, working on their new signature looks, to hopefully get on the best dressed list. No matter what/who you are wearing, the most important look stems from the top down. Your hair!

Gorgeous hair is easier than ever to attain. With all of the new breakthroughs in products, from color to conditioning, extensions to wigs, everybody’s doing it. From the younger set to the more seasoned celebrity, everyone seems to be au courant about their own branded hairstyles. From Jennifer Anniston to Kelly Osbourne, some are constantly reaching for new beauty highs, while others experiment and often times look like what the cat dragged in. It is always amazing that the ones who dish it out, the self-proclaimed beauty expert divas, are often times the ones who need to take a look in their own mirrors.

Finding your own personal style is key. Sometimes we need a magician to transform us by channeling our own inner beauty goddess. If you review the consistently beautiful ladies with the most gorgeous hair, a few of them swear by their stylist. A great stylist can bring out the best in you. They can see the inner you and a magical makeover can reveal your inner Bond Girl or Sports Illustrated cover girl natural looks.

For some reason, many glam girls refrain from sharing their beauty secrets. It is a shame that we all do not have the generosity of spirit to help a sista’, especially when we have found the best makeover magic stylist for ourselves.

What beauty secrets do Sharon Stone, Heather Graham and Leah Remini have in common? They all swear by the magical scissorhands of their world renowned stylist, Nelson Chan.

 Not only is his highly respected Beverly Hills Nelson J. Salon top rated, his personally formulated products are the best on the market. He is the true consummate artiste, with super chic decor enhanced by his colorful paintings adorning the walls. He is also a chemist, working with top labs to constantly upgrade his healthy hair products. He creates secret formulations that keep improving, so that his clients have the most gorgeous, voluptuous, voluminous, shining hair.

He is a master at seeing the true essence of his clients’ beauty and bringing it out with the most vibrant color, cut and style. Unlike many hair factories across the city, getting you in and out like cattle, he will spend as much time as necessary to get it right. If you need highlights and roots, he may not let you leave without a using his own private conditioning treatment to make sure you are at your personal best. Nelson Chan is always at his personal best. He is so immersed in his creative flow, the day flies by and everyone leaves with a big smile on their face. If you’re planning a special event, wedding or just a night out on the town, Chan is your man to make you look and feel beautiful.

Originally from Hong Kong, studying with the best maestros, he is committed to using only the most natural products for the hair. As an Aveda Salon, you know you’re giving yourself the most healthy ingredients, without all of the chemicals and toxic ingredients.

He is always on the best lists for top publications:

Best Ammonia-Free Hair Color Salon by Los Angeles Magazine

2 Times Best Hair Straightening Salon by Citysearch.com

Best Hair Extension Salon by Citysearch.com

  • Best Hair colorist by Allure Magazine
  • Instyle Magazine black book for Best Hair Colorist
  •   Nelson’s spectacular results are in such high demand that he’s frequently summoned to celebrity homes and movie sets……… As  a leading Los Angeles hair salon offering superior hair, beauty, and massage services he is committed  to uphold the natural hair care products that provide the best results for you and the environment
  • If you want a uplifting change and wish for gorgeous healthy hair, go from good to GREAT and check out Nelson Chan!

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