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Summer is almost here and the winter hibernation phase is over. For many of us on the west coast, winter was mild and summer has shown up early. One week it is normal spring weather and the next week it's time for tank tops and flip flops! The weeks of indulging in heavy comfort foods are now officially over. Late night munchies, knowing that 'tomorrow is another day of warm cuddly clothes and hiding behind sweats' is also finished. 

In early April it was so hot I decided to put away my comfy winter clothes and bring out the summer sheers and shorts. The next week it was cold again, but it gave me the push to realize that the recent extra padding around my hips, thighs and belly would not be invisible wearing beach attire.Needless to say, I have had those summers where putting on my itsy bitsy bikini was not an option, but the years when I did, I felt much better.

Last summer was one of those times where I felt comfortable in my body. It also went by super fast. As the weather changed and my life was filled with disappointments, a breakup,  job loss and lots of stress, my old habits starting slipping into my daily routine. I felt sluggish and became a couch potato. I never gave up on my weekly yoga practice, but hiking was left out and Netflix became my BFF. (I caught up in huge chunks of my favorite shows in one sitting-House of Cards, Royal Pains, Bloodlines, and discovered new ones that became my addiction.) Speaking of addiction, snacking also became my BFF. The foods that were forbidden at night, even the good but also the bad and the ugly, were suddenly my TV buddies, sharing my huge king-sized bed with me. I bought myself a fancy tray and since the bed was so big, I ended up eating my dinner and watching. (Even overdosing on plain Lundberg rice cakes became an additional snack that adding too many carbs.)
I suddenly realized that I had to stop. I attempted many times to do the weightloss thing again. Diets don't work for me, but conscious eating does. I was committed to my Simply Young products including the daily does of greens with Vital Flow Essentials (Bio Field Fuel from Whole Foods), the Longevity Calcium, (derived only from organic whole foods-NOT dead shells or bones). I also included the other whole foods supplements  but I was not eating enough nutrients to satiate my body.

While one of my real BFF's, Catie Norris, the founder of  the most qualitative live superfood essentials, Simply Young, I am here to validate that she is healing herself of chronic illnesses, such as Lyme Disease through her products!  As a naturopath who has walked the talk, she has further healing results with her newly formulated Pure Body Cleanse System.With a synergistic approach to healing the body from the gut, these products were systematically designed to rid the body of toxins, cleanse the body and help replenish with the right blend of nutrients. After a week of following the protocol, I realized that my laziness, bad habits and cravings were basically a result of not eating enough vitalized food and not getting the proper nutrients.

While many of us  know the soil is depleted, that most commercial food is dead by the time it gets to your table, did you know that unless you shop at a farmer's market, most of the produce gets to you after the vitality is lost? Those convenience packages of packaged carrots and other veggies take time to put together, which means the vitality of the food is being lost. The closer you get to the freshly picked produce, the more alive and nutritious. The only way to make sure you get the right mix of nutrients is to have some sort of superfoods regimen. Even bottles of vitamins may not be absorbed by your body. In fact, it's usually better to consume powders or capsules rather than hardened pills.

Because of her dedication to healing herself, her family and all who need her help, Catie is someone I trust to access the freshest, finest, most alive ingredients available. I am so grateful that she has dedicated her life to healing others as well, because not only do I benefit from this but I can share this with anyone who is awake and aware to understand the benefits. After decades of my own research, studying with the best and the brightest, my desire to discover and  unlock the keys to becoming ageless is my first priority. My second is to share it with you!

My favorite new passion is helping my clients feel more uplifted and energized. I am now a longevity expert with Simply Young, the highest quality evidenced based superfoods that help you to transform your body/mind and maintain vibrant health and radiant beauty. Are you feeling stuck, low energy, and settling for a mediocre existence? NOW is the time to take a step forward and experience a new you. 

Don't waste another day feeling sluggish. It's not your fault, you are not to blame, there is so much out there beating you down like toxic energies from wireless technologies, chem trails, low quality processed and GMO foods! NOW is the time to Ignite your enthusiasm,  to live your best life now with superfoods from Simply Young! As a health and wellness researcher and writer, I have tried them all and nothing really worked until I started using Simply Young. No matter how old you are, you can become ageless!

You don't need fad diets anymore to jump start your metabolism, just high level nutrients and super nutrition to uplift and inspire your body's own powerful immune system. Working with your own incredible inner healing you can be free of fear-your body will take care of itself without pharmaceutical drugs, so-called magic potions, elixirs and snake oil.

Now I am fully committed to following the Pure Body Cleanse System, and monitoring my own health. Don't settle for less-check out the site,Simply Young, because the future of health care is SELF-CARE and the future is NOW!

Please feel free to contact me at and I will send you my secret recipes using the products and help you begin to feel back to your true self again!

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