Ageless Trending Now:Healthcare Is SELF-CARE

Gracious Madre cafe
As a boomer, it has become evident that the only way to remain healthy in this toxic world is to take responsibility for my own health. I confess, sometimes I enjoy over indulging in some of the sinful stuff, like too many glasses of red wine, or a mindless binge on organic chips and salsa at my favorite organic Mexican cafe, Gracias Madre. However, I must also admit it may be considered healthy, but when you’re not mindful about what you are putting into your body at this age, it will undoubtedly go right to the middle. Over consuming dessert like gourmet raw chocolate bliss balls, a pint of coconut milk ice cream, and even Bulletproof Coffee can be overindulged to the point of excess. Suffice it to say that the old adage, “you are what you eat” has now been proven!

On a good day I’m teetotaling with my GT’s Kombucha Ginger tea, and it’s my substitute for a cold beer on a hot day. The only problem is that it’s way more expensive to be health conscious these days. However, not being in tune with your body can cost you a lot more in the end. Someone once said that while we cheat ourselves by not going on a relaxing vacation or visiting a spa or healing retreat for a massage and steam, when we get sick it costs way beyond what we thought we were saving by not indulging. The truth is we really do need that respite from the stressors of everyday living.

The exciting news is that we in fact are visiting more healing retreats and spas and learning how to take care of ourselves. However, after a few days at a health spa, we can quickly unlearn all the good we were taught when we get back home to our unconscious lifestyles. So before we get too out of touch with our bodies, we must remember to educate ourselves and become intimate with our own bodily functions in order to really bring the lessons learned home.

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