Smile Your Way to Becoming Ageless

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Reflections on Becoming Ageless through a balanced lifestyle

Recently, I was invited to try out a new anti-aging skincare product and then be a part of their infomercial. I used it for 90 days and had moderate results. The tricky part was that they told us to use a specific cleanser for two weeks which dried out my skin and made me look 10 years older. So the ‘before’ photos were basically like mug shots. In addition, I was told not to smile and ended up having a blank stare into the camera. My hair was smashed down and I felt drab and worn out. (It reminded me of the card game I played as a young girl, Old Maid, and it was a curse to end up with that dreaded old hag card!) I am sure the lighting and filters were also making me look more aged. Just ask anyone in film and television about the importance of lighting!

It’s like those selfies that we take with our phones; if you shoot in poor lighting without the flash or too close up, you can look deformed or even worse, really old!

At the end of the 90 days they had us all coiffed and air brushed, so even if I didn’t use the potions and creams, I would have looked better. (I must admit, I did notice some of my lines were decreased.) The biggest difference was that I was interviewed on camera and animated. I had a chance to move my face and actually smile. My smile has always been my strong suit so it made a huge difference.

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