Beauty Glows From The Inside Out--But it helps to have a great stylist!

Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.  ~Author Unknown

It's summertime again and the heat is ON here in Los Angeles. Summer is always a time for trying out a new look. While searching for yet another trendy stylist in the heart of Hollywood to brighten my looks. As luck would have it, I discovered a certificate for a a certificate for a haircut in one of my swag bags (from all the gifting suites this year) It was from Lance Lanza. I had never heard of him before, but whenever someone is 'awarded' a place in the most coveted bag in the industry, you know he's got to be good.

As a self-proclaimed beauty aficionado, researching for the best of the best in beauty is a passion of mine.  In fact, the truth is just because someone works at the toniest salon in Beverly Hills doesn't mean they're all that! Many of the top stylists end up having all kinds of hair pros under the tutelage of their salon, but they may not be up to par with the ‘mane’ name on the salon.

With roots way too overgrown, needing a touch up, boomer women like me try to make sure we do the upkeep before it’s too late. I made an appointment with Lance and rushed over to his salon in the heart of WeHo, and was surprised to see that there was ample parking. Upon our first meeting,  he asked to see some of the photos of my own hairstyles that I liked.

When you get to a salon with a new stylist, do you bring in all the photos of styles that you like only to find out that your hair just doesn’t ‘go’ like that? After hunting through the trendy magazines and picking out other people's hair, like celebs or models, you realize it’s almost impossible to copy something exactly. There is always a bit of hesitancy with a new stylist. Will it end up like that Dutch Boy haircut (with bangs way too short) from when you were 8 years old or that bob Mr.Bob butchered right before your engagement dinner?

After a bit of research I found out Lanza had a two-year internship at a top Beverly Hills salon, whose clientele were celebs like Cristina Ferrare, Tori Spelling, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Mary Steenburgen, to European royalty like the Princess of Belgium and US politicians such as Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In addition, he even had his own very popular salon in Beverly Hills. After a few minutes in his chair, he was deep in concentration and not like most, who are doing ten things at once. Lanza is a real pro. His approach to styling for each client personally is very helpful. You know you are going to get a look that befits your face and style, not just another cookie cutter head off the chopping block!

“I like to take a moment to talk about the client's best features and how to accent each one, down to the color and texture of the hair and what best compliments the skin tone. Every person is unique, and it's important to bring out their best, and to show the client exactly what I'm doing and why during their cut," says Lance. “

When it's finished, I walk them through the styling step by step, giving specific tips so they feel comfortable with their hair when they go to style it themselves. People love to learn the little secrets that will make them look and feel great.”

Lance, like Edward Scissorhands, was in a trance-like state as he began his cutting and you could feel his focus for creating the perfect coif. After coloring my roots in a richer darker tone, he also added highlights.
Like a real pro, he took his time and concentration and did not rush, or run around checking on other clients. It was all about 'my hair' for that time. He goes deep into the process and the end result was even better than what I expected. Perfecto.

His philosophy about what styles are more youthful, he responded,”The best stye for a youthful look is a big smile on your face!”

 ”When people like the way they look, they feel good about themselves. When they feel good about themselves, they can make things happen.”

With a new style of rich undertones and bright youthful color, you I walked out of his salon beaming with a fresh cut, shine and highlights. Lanza seems to understand how to create the perfect blend of hi and low lights to create a picture perfect style. Just know that you can be proud to hold your head up high and prance around the city of Angels. If you're searching for a new, uplifting look to brighten up your life,  check out Hair by Lance Lanza at Gloss Hair Salon West Hollywood

”A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear,” Marilyn Monroe

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