How To Live The 5 Star Life Without Limits? Top Tips Today (podcast link)

Fusion by, Marjorie Hope Rothstein
I have lived my life through the eyes of an artist. Everything is a work of art to me. Clouds in the sky coming to life as the sunsets; flowers illuminated, singing in the rain; a home with heart, where the flow of color, design and art moves throughout the spaces. It is my passion to assist people to live in beauty, harmony and balance. Even the Feng Shui Gurus love working with me. I’m a natural intuitive with space, form and energy. It must be because of my years of training as a fine artist.
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My desire is to help people create the home of their dreams, and Live the 5 Star Life without limits, on any budget. After decades of studying different philosophies and spiritual pursuits, it just makes sense that we are here to experience the ‘Art of Living Well’ which comes from the inside-out. No matter what circumstances on the outside are occurring, home is where the heart is. To live well is to experience joy, bliss, gratitude and a reverence for life which can heal the soul. This is precisely why I teach my clients the process of learning how to experience Beauty for the Soul.While most design for a look, I design for a feel. After years of study, I have a degree in fine arts from NYU, and a post-graduate degree in Interior and Environmental Design from UCLA. I have learned more from the school of life and although I have worked with top designers, studio executives and celebrity clients, my desire is to be more than a decorator, I am a Life Stylist, who shares ways to live your life with style and grace

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As a professional Life Stylist, spa trends specialist, boomer-consumer expert and columnist who focuses on cutting edge breakthroughs in health, wellness and beauty for the boomer consumer. She urges everyone to live the 5 Star Life without limits!

In this podcast Marjorie will be revealing some insider tips to living your best life now. How you live your life is your greatest work of art, so it should be a masterpiece!

Live The 5 Star Life!

What is the 5 star life? How to you begin to build one?

Why should you work on feeling beautiful first? What’s the first step?

Are spa treatments realistic for the budget crunched boomer?

How do you create a life full of the finer things without breaking the bank?

What are some insider tips you can share?

Marjorie is available for personal coaching online to help women create a new blueprint for their lives! Contact her at for more information.

To learn more about the 5 Star Life Maven, Marjorie Hope Rothstein and the art of living well, see her columns on popular sites such as,, Fountain Of Youth/Spa/Travel,, among many others.

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