2016 Brighten UP! Blended Holiday Hair Trends Even Trump Approves!

The latest news in hair is C-O-L-O-R! Some are even referring it to Botanical Blends-inspired by succulents, with a multi-toned look that is cropping up all over Instagram. There are different degrees of intensity but the best is the more subtle tones.

Great colors are sprouting up from the best of the best stylists, especially for the Hollywood Haute Beauty set. Nelson Chan, an innovator and style maker, owner of NelsonJ Salon in Beverly Hills is experimenting with the most tasteful tones. You can spot his styles strutting down Rodeo Drive and swaying in the breeze on the beaches and the city streets of Los Angeles. The key to Nelson’s mastery is that he makes sure your hair is in perfect condition. His products are so nourishing, all of his clients can be spotted in the trendy shops and cafes.

Another trend is Rose gold, featuring pink tones on the bottom with deeper brown hues on top.
The best are the hombre looks enhanced by loose curls and swingy waves. Not only is the hair color a standout, but the use of hot tools to enhance the flow of the hair makes for the most unique and attractive styles to hit the runways for this season and beyond. From sun-kissed tresses to sassy bright colors, the future of shiny, healthy hair is bright!

Nelson is a stickler for NOT using toxic chemicals. As an official Aveda Concept Salon, NelsonJ is known for being ‘natural’.

Named as one of the top salons in Los Angeles Magazine, all of his clients are privy to ammonia free color, hair straightening (best from citysearch.com), Best Haircolorist- Allure Magazine and InStyle Magazine!
FREE of Harsh Chemicals in Haircolor, use 97% to 99% naturally derived color
FREE of Ammonia, PPD Haircolor available
FREE Formaldehyde smoothing treatments
Free of Sulfates, Parabens Hair care

Check out his video on you tube doing the French hair highlight technique "Balayage" (means Hair painting). Nelson j team performance this special technique to transform the client's hair from brassy orange to golden brown with sun-kissed highlight

Now here's the the latest trend for tresses is Gray blending for women/and men over 40:

This haircolor blending technique is for camouflaging gray hair by using lighter shades as well as richer tones. The key is to create depth and dimension, through the mixture of lowlights and highlights, making sure there is the right balance for the individual skin tone and texture. 

While most techniques end up working against the gray hair, this process actually creates long lasting hair color. The proof is when gray hair starts to grow out, it is not as 'strikingly harsh'.
Have you ever wondered how to stop the gray rooty look? This is the answer! Finally there's a way to avoid the constant touch ups and frizzy, dull, lifeless hair.

And we know why The Donald loves it, because it changes the hair strands to be thicker, fuller and to create more volume.
If you've got premature gray especially around the front or don't want to hassle the constant touch ups, this is your best bet!

Everybody's doing it!

Take a closer look at your favorite celebs, like Michelle Pfeiffer, Sharon Stone, Helen Mirren,
Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton,Jodie Foster, Hilary Clinton and even Donald Trump!

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