A Blues Buster Is As Simple As This Popular Trend

Many are turning to YOGA therapy for Busting the Blues.

If you're considered a Highly Sensitive Person, it is common to experience down times, especially when we are bombarded with so much stress, even the thick-skinned zealot gets the blues these days. It's almost impossible to go on social media without being smashed in the face with all the nasty political inuendos, negative news and even the fake news on Fake news. How to escape is the question and find inner peace. Mindfulness meditation is the most common 'meme' for online zen-seekers.

There are so many versions of Yoga now, from doing poses on surfboards to drinking beer at a pub in England while doing vinyasa flow classes. But if you're anything like me, balancing without beer, and on land is enough of a challenge.

If you're seeking a blues buster yoga poses, that are also great for destressing check out these postures.

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